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As a former smoker I really do understand how strong the desire to stop is and how difficult it can be to stop the habit and become a non-smoker for good. I did the usual unsuccessful approaches.  Changing brands to a lower tar and then smoking more! Just buying a pack of 10 in the hope that this would stop me from smoking as many. I just ended up buying another packet of 10. I tried nicotine replacements. They didn’t work. Waking up in the morning determined so much so that I would scrunch up my packet of cigarettes and say that is it today I am stopping, then going back to the scrunched up packet later in the day to try and salvage just one cigarette.

I even tried hypnotherapy. Well I loosely describe my experience as hypnotherapy. No assessment was done, no proof of training shown, no explanation of what to expect and halfway through the session the door bell rang! That was 30 years ago and thankfully things have moved forward dramatically. As qualified hypnotherapists we must prove we are trained, insured and registered with a governing body and work within their Codes of Conduct.

As a former nurse I do understand the devastating affects it has on the health of all smokers. It is for both reasons above that I have undertaken advanced training in smoking cessation to become a Clinical Smoking Cessation Specialist. I am very excited about the multi-component approach my programme offers.  It is steeped in evidence base results. To quit smoking, it must be a multi-pronged attack. This is exactly what this programme offers. We are all unique and different and that is why offering lots of techniques means that individuals can choose which works best for them.