If you like statistics this blog is for you.

  1. How much do you think the smoking breaks cost businesses every year in England? – £5.8 BILLION
  2. How much is the cost to the NHS to treat smoking-related diseases each year? – £2.8 BILLION
  3. How much has the government earned from tobacco revenue in the year 2014-15? (exc. Vat) £9.5 BILLION
  4. How many chemicals in tobacco smoke? – 4000 – at least 250 of these chemicals are known to be harmful and more that 50 we know cause cancer.
  5. How many people across the world does tobacco kill? – 5.6 MILLION (Britain alone it is 96.000 per year)
  6. How much is a packet of Silk Cut cigerettes? – £11.42 (x20 per day is £79.94/week £347.36/month £4168.30/year)
  7. Which nation smokes the most? – CHINA (this trend has not changed)
  8. On average what percentage of women smoke during pregnancy? – 11% (highest in Blackpool and North East Lincolnshire at 25%)
  9. What percentage of smokers start before the age of 18? – 66%
  10. What percentage of people whom smoke have a greater chance of developing dementia than those who have never smoked? – 50%

The good news is that the health benefits of stopping smoking start within hours of putting out the last cigarette.